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Father Abusahlia criticized the Jerusalem Post for its article about "Pat Boone coming on Christian solidarity visit" (JP 27 October 2000). This article was meant to depict the solidarity of millions and millions of Christians world-wide toward Israel. Abusahlia writes there are "scores of letters...
On October 25, the Jerusalem Post published an article about hundreds of Palestinian Christians fleeing the Palestinian territories. An Israeli spokesman referred in this regard to a radical sermon of Sheikh Dr. Ahmad Abu Halabiya. This article, like the sermon of the Palestinian preacher,...
Pope Shenouda condemned the Israeli aggression against Al-Aqsa Mosque and called for the United Nations and the security Council to adopt a resolution to stop the blood shed. The Grand Imam urged "to arm Palestinians in order to be able to face Israeli violation of the Islamic holy sites."
Dr. Christiaan van Nispen s.j. spoke on Thursday November 3, 1999 in the Maadi Community Church in Cairo, Egypt about Muslim-Christian relations in Egypt. He spoke of Coptic Christians as an integral part of Egyptian society and criticized foreign reporting on Christians in Egypt.
In a letter from the Catholic Church of Egypt the Church complains about Western media reports surrounding the issue of Coptic persecution in Egypt, as well as American intervention into the issue.


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