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In a CD-ROM obtained by al-Usbū‘ weekly, Bishop Bishūy said, in an annual doctrine conference, that he would not stop attacking other denominations unless they confess that they are non-Christians.
The heartbreak in all institutional religion is the disaster of clerical and ecclesiastical self-assertion. How dark the institutions of any church can become. The greatest tragedy of all lies in the lives of the humble Christians of any country who are oppressed by the powers that be. Watson...
The article says that employees of the Association of Upper Egypt for Education and Development claim they are oppressed by Catholic bishops.
Nājih Sam‘ān, the author, presents a brief study on the historical and geographical background of Catholicism in Egypt.
The article reports on the activities of a youth gathering entitled, ‘Creation and Religions as Sources of Unity’ that took place between November 30 and December 2 in Aleppo, Syria.
An overview of Egyptian press coverage of Pope John Paul II’s visit to Egypt during the period February 24-26, 2000. This is the period in which the Pope was in Egypt.
This article describes the eighth conference of the St Shenouda the Archimandrite Coptic Society, held at the University of California Los Angeles (U.C.L.A.). The author says that this year’s conference was particularly successful, particularly because of the participation of Coptic youth this year...
The article reviews the autobiography of Father Matta al- Maskīn, one of the founders of modern monasticism in the Coptic Christian faith, in which he mentioned his intervention to reconcile late President Anwar al-Sadāt and Pope Shenouda III of Alexandria in their crisis.
Arab-West Report Editor in-Chief, Cornelis Hulsman, asked Archbishop Fitzgerald, the Catholic nuntius in Egypt, about the statements of Pope Benedict on Islām. Archbishop Fitzgerald speaks Arabic, knows the Islamic world well and plays Qur’ān important role in Muslim-Christian dialogue. The...
The author highlights the visit made by the Coptic Catholic Patriarch, Archbishop Antonius Najīb, to Pope Shenouda III, confirming that his church does not recognize Max Michel or his church.


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