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On 25 May 1980, the great shepherd Pope Shenouda III ordained the first Bishop for Youth, His Grace Bishop Moussa. This article outlines the work of Bishop Moussa over the past 30 years. 
This article details the formalities of the meeting between three heads of Orthodox Churches, the Coptic Orthodox patriarch Pope Shenouda III, His Beatitude Kirill, Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia, and His Beatitude Theodoros II, the Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Alexandria and all Africa.
The author reports on the consequences of the recent Orthodox-Evangelical dispute.
Father Makarius hails the peaceful Muslim-Christian relations in Abū Qurqās and refers to Copts’ patriotism.
The article highlights the recent developments surrounding Bishop Maximus, the alleged patriarch, and specialists’ opinions on the issue.
Al-Wafd asks Rādī ‘Atā Allāh, a prominent Evangelical figure, about his opinions about the Coptic Orthodox Church’s claims about Protestant infiltration into the Coptic Orthodox Church.
Mahrūs asks for Tharwat Basīlī’s to go on trial for his transgressions and attacks directed towards the church, the pope, the Community Council and the General Clerical Council.
The Holy Synod makes new decisions and issues new recommendations.
Watani International spoke to Bishop Bīshūy about ecumenical dialogue. He discusses the development of Christian dialogue and points that the different churches have come to agreements on over the years.
The following lines present a review of the second part of the interview with Rev. Manīs ‘Abd al-Nūr, a prominent figure in the Evangelical Church in Egypt.


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