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 The Coptic Church invites some famous governmental persons to their breakfast table after two years of absence and neglects to invite the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Barād'ī.  
Sunday, February 6 witnessed a peculiar exhibition amidst the drama unfolding in Tahrir Square. Christian Egyptians publically conducted a prayer service, honoring their fallen co-demonstrators who have died in the effort to topple the Mubarak government. Calling them ‘martyrs’, as is common...
An ecclesial source denied claims of Pope Shenouda III meeting with parliamentary candidates at the papal headquarters. The source also told al-Wafd that the Pope only met with parliamentary candidate Dr. Hamdī al-Sayyid yesterday morning because he is also head of the Egyptian Medical Association...
Pope Shenouda honors first rank students and delivers his weekly spiritual sermon about the lust of the flesh.
An interview with Father ‘Abd al-Masīh Basīt, priest of Virgin Mary Church in Musturud and teacher of apologetics in Coptic institutions, concerning various issues.
’The Copts, Christianity in the Shadows of Pyramids and Minarets’ was the name of a conference that was held at the Evangelical academy in Hofgeismar. During the conference participants discussed Copts’ history in Egypt and the current situation.
The Middle East Council of Churches has released the English version of its highly successful and informative book about the history of Christianity in the Middle East.
On 29 October 2008, Bishop Serapion gave a lecture on ’Christian Unity from an Orthodox Perspective’ at Claremont School of Theology in Claremont, California.
Max Michel invited 22 Evangelical pastors to a session to discuss his vision to bring the different Christian denominations in Egypt together. The author observed the reactions of some participants and Coptic Orthodox clergymen.
The author discusses the opening of the St Athanasius and St Cyril Theological Library in Los Angeles, and the library’s objective to promote a further understanding of Biblical text and church fathers.


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