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Kamāl Zākhir, Founder of the Secular Coptic Current (SCC), said that there is a tendency to hold the SCC’s 6th conference in November a few days before the meeting of the Holy Synod of the Coptic Orthodox Church.
This was denied in a separate article in al-Wafd, which stated that tens of Copts, who are members of the Maspero Youth Union have demonstrated in front of the Council of Ministers in protest against the attack. A delegation of the movement met with Dr. Hāzim al-Biblāwī, the Prime Minister, to...
Coptic Churches in Alexandria have maintained their silence on the presidential elections.   
Hours before Egyptians abroad began to cast their vote for the presidential elections, churches and Christian denominations called upon their citizens abroad to participate in the elections.
Coptic Orthodox Pope Tawadros has led a mass in St. Antonios’ Church in Abū Dhabi on Saturday May 10, on the second day of his visit to the UAE.     
The legal adviser of the Catholic Orthodox Church, Amir Ramzy, said that there is no clear representation of Christians in the assembly. He stated that important points have not been included in the draft amendments, including the claim to change the religion after reaching the legal age in order...
Pope Tawadros has visited the mosque and tomb of Shaykh Zāyyid, founder of the UAE. 
Pope Tawadros starts today an official visit to the Emirates in which he will meet state officials and will head the first mass for him in the Saint Antonios Church in Abu Dhabi.
Nāddir al- Sirafy, the spokesman of Copts 38 Group that call for allowing  Copts a second marriage, stated that the group is taking measures to form a legal entity
The “Coptic Scream” movement launched a campaign called “No to Brotherhoodization of Education”. 


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