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The text is a summary of an article in AlAhram, Egypt’s most influential daily, in which the author argues that Israel and the USA are trying to create religious tensions in Egypt by targeting Islam. The author reports that a picture of the Prophet Mohammed as a pig on the Holy Qur’an came at the...
The Grand Imam Shaykh Dr. Aḥmad al-Ṭayyib’s final communiqué at al-Azhar International Conference in support of Jerusalem ‎[or Al-Quds for the Islamic world]:
The Islamophobia Observatory of the Egyptian Dār al-Iftā’ [House of Fatwā] welcomed the Canadian Parliament’s adoption of a bill to combat the phenomenon of Islamophobia.
A Dutch lawyer representing Muslims in the Netherlands has taken legal actions to stop making part II of the controversial movie ?Submission,” which harshly criticizes, in part I, the position of women in Muslim communities.
The murder of the Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh, a grandnephew of the famous Dutch painter [Vincent van Gogh,] by a Muslim extremist has increased terror fears in Western and European communities where a large number of Muslims live. Everyone knows that such assassination was the spark that set off...
The murder of 47-year-old Dutch director Theo Van Gogh in Amsterdam by Muhammad Bouyeri, a young Muslim of Moroccan descent, sparked a wave of violence and tensions against Muslims.  
Two people were arrested following a 14-hour anti-terror operation by Dutch police forces, ending a standoff with suspected Islamic terrorists that lasted all day in the Dutch capital of Amsterdam. Three police officers were wounded during the raid by a grenade hurled by the suspects. Moreover, the...
A report from The European Center to Control Hostility and Discrimination asserts that Muslim’s face different kinds of discrimination in the west.
A Swiss Muslim agent of the Swiss Intelligence Agency [FAS] has unveiled a plan to entrap the prominent Islamic thinker Hānī Ramdān and the Islamic center in Geneva in a scandal of links with terrorism.
Some unknown persons threw an arsonist bottle on a mosque in Melbourne, in Australia, and wrote expressions against Islam on its walls. The manager of the Islamic Centre in Melbourne said that the incident was a reaction to what happened in Bali.


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