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Dr. Nasr Farid confirmed that the call for the renewal of [Islamic] jurisprudence is a useless call because since is no need for that. He said that Islamic jurisprudence is flexible and can deal with all the issues of the age.
At the same time that Britain claimed that Egypt’s Copts are being crucified and persecuted, British racism has presented a new chapter in the series of Muslim persecution in the land of the alleged just empire.
Reacting to the Sunday Telegraph’s lies and allegations, two prominent Coptic businessmen decided to sue the paper’s reporter, Christina Lamb, before an English court. They have accused her of reporting false events harming Egypt’s Copts and defaming Egypt’s national unity in order to hinder its...
An American Muslim couple was false accused of mistreating their children. The intention of the paper is to show that there are examples where Muslims are not treated correctly in the West.
Massacre of ethnic Albanians who are Muslim in Kosovo.


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