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American authorities have escalated a campaign against Muslims of Iraqi origin. The FBI has started an investigation campaign called “The Armor of Freedom” with thousands of Iraqis.
Some tombs of the Muslim community in Leicester, Britain, where anti-foreigners sentiments - especially Muslims - prevail, have been vandalized. Muslims expressed sorrow at the incident, fearing that it may inflame racial attacks against the Muslim minority in the region.
Philippine police mentioned that a number of bombs blasted yesterday in front of three mosques in the south of the country, leaving 15 killed and 14 injured.
Human Rights Watch released a report on hate crimes against Arabs and Muslims in the US after September 11. The report shows that Arabs and Muslims in the US became victims of a severe wave of backlash violence.
The organization of anti-racial discrimination in New South Wales, Australia, conducted an investigation of anti-Islamic pamphlets distributed by the One Nation Party. The pamphlet calls for stopping the building of mosques and Islamic schools.
In preparation for elections in New South Wales, the One Nation Party in Australia distributed anti-Islam pamphlets. It accused the government of attracting Muslims´ votes by selling them lands for the purpose of building a mosque – which they believe will lead to dire consequences.
The Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) asked the leaders of the Republican Party to condemn the selling of anti-Islam stickers in a conference for Conservatives in Washington
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The Dutch People´s Party for Freedom and Democracy [VVD] demands that the flow of incoming imams for mosques in The Netherlands from Islamic countries be halted, starting in the year 2007. It also demands to forbid giving work permits for imams coming from outside the country.
Unknown persons threw flammable materials upon a mosque in Lyon, France. They opened a crack in the ceiling of the mosque’s prayer room and threw down flammable materials which burned part of the room’s floor.


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