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Dorris is not her real name because she prefers to be unidentified and would never say where she lives, but recently she authored a book roughly called I was married to a mujahid in which she demonstrated how she fell in love with a handsome Egyptian young man.
A Swiss Muslim agent of the Swiss Intelligence Agency [FAS] has unveiled a plan to entrap the prominent Islamic thinker Hānī Ramdān and the Islamic center in Geneva in a scandal of links with terrorism.
Usāmah ‘Abd al-Mutalib discusses the report written by Timothy M. Savage about the conditions of Muslims in Europe.
Muslims represent the third biggest religious group in Mexico.
Ākhir Sā‘ah interviews Dr. Talāl ‘Īd, the director of the Religious Affairs Islamic Institute of Boston, about the situation of Muslim communities in the United States.
Subtitle:Will I convert from Islam? A serious confession - our Islam is about to collapseEl- Muslimun of July 18 laments that Muslims exert much effort to get Christians to say the Islamic creed, but once they are Muslim, very little is done to help the new converts. Several examples of converts’...
Muhammad al- Shāfi‘ī writes about the difficulties that new Muslim converts face in Western societies, particularly being singled out by extremist groups.
The author deals in his series of articles with what he called organized attempts over the years to Christianize Muslims, referring to a conference held in the US state of Colorado dedicated to this objective.
Jewish organizations published distorting commercials against the "The Way of Islam" Internet site in the Canadian "National Post," to the effect that the site supports terrorism and calls for Israel to be attacked. They demanded that the Canadian government shut it down. The site has published...
The British police detained the Egyptian fundamentalist Yasser Al-Serry, the head of the Islamic Media Observatory based in London. It investigated the activities of his Observatory and accuses him of being involved in the assassination of Ahmed Shah Massoud, the head of the Afghan opposition.
In spite of the Western media war against Muslims, the number of Muslims in American society, according to American reports, is increasing. The reason behind this fact is to be found in the freedom given to the Islamic organizations after the attacks in New York and Washington.
Fātima talks about her life as a Muslim in the U.S and explains how she perceives Islam and its preaching, as well as her own view about the attacks of September 11, 2001.
During meetings with some French Muslim converts, Arlette Khourī transmits their opinions and experiences of Islam, mentioning the official French perspective concerning the increase in the number of ‘new Muslims.’
Al-Wafd interviews an Austrian convert to Islam, Margarete Mackrete [Reviewer: Name not verified], who expresses her great happiness and satisfaction with her conversion.
According to the statistics of the Azhar, the number of Westerners who embraced Islam during the last year is 84 persons, 14 of whom declared themselves Muslims during the last two months. Previously, the average number of those who embraced Islam was one or two persons monthly.
The American ambassador to Egypt stressed that the US respects Islam and Muslims and their places of worship. He said that attacking Iraq is not meant to be an attack on Muslims. He explained that security reasons were behind the delay in issuing entry visas for the preachers Egypt sends annually...
The orientalist René Genou converted to Islam after first converting from Christianity to Masonic beliefs. He found refuge and peace of mind in Islam, which is still hanging to spiritual values that are no longer present in the West.
No one knows her exact name: Dorris Gluck, Regina Hoffman or Sara Altman. May be all those names are fake but the sure thing was that she authored a book titled “I was married to a mujahid” telling her story with her husband Reda Siam, alias Abu Omar, a kind Egyptian young man who ascended from...
Youssef Islam, formerly British pop singer Cat Stevens, who was in Italy to receive a Man of Peace award from the Gorbachev Foundation for a life of songs calling for world peace and his current charity work through a society he founded under the name Small Kindness, which works on bringing...
The central Dutch office of statistics declared that the number of Muslims in The Netherlands is increasing. A famous Dutchman who converted to Islam stated that the number of Dutch youth converting to Islam increased due to the increase of opportunities of communication and acquaintances among the...


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