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The author argues that the killings of Christians that took place recently in Egypt and Turkey signal religious intolerance.
The article speaks of a landmark bill in Turkey giving its citizens the freedom to register whatever they want in the religion section of their identity cards.
The letter sent by Eric Edelman, former US Ambassador in Turkey, to the Turkish minister of religious affairs, Muhammad Eden, about Turkish anti conversion tactics, opened a hot debate about the protestant encroachment into the society and the dilemma of identity versus benefits of the European...
‘Abd al-Mun‘im Sa‘īd examines the success of the Turkish experiment, considered by moderate Muslims to be a model for democratic Islam.
The author wonders whether the European Union has set such difficult conditions for Turkey’s accession to the EU because they strongly oppose Turkish accession, but cannot reject Turkey outright.
President Jacques Chirac forewarns that Turkey’s rejection by Europe may cause it to move towards fundamentalism and fanaticism.
British Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw spent hours this week negotiating with Germany over the issue of Turkey’s accession to the European Union.
There is no indication on the ground that Turkey represents a bridge, since its relations with the Muslim world, namely its neighbors Iran, Iraq and Syria, are still at a low level, and moreover, Turkey plays a marginal role in the current Islamic culture and literature.
After three decades of endeavors, the executive committee of the European Union has initially accepted to negotiate with Turkey. It is a start for Turkey to become an official member of the Union afterwards. The European Union has been closing the doors in Turkey’s face, as said, because it is a...
Will states apologize for their mistakes against other nations? What if those mistakes were conducted tens/hundreds of years ago? How can political systems be held responsible for faults of their predecessors?


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