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German authorities have changed their mind about closing the Saudi Academy in Bonn. This is after German officials agreed with the administration of the academy to expel extremist individuals from the academy.
The official spokeswoman of the public authorities of Cologne [Koeln] in Germany stated that the government may decide the closure of the King Fahd Academy in Bonn because of its extremist tendencies.
The author reports the argument concerning the subject of the movie Spooks. The film discusses the story of recruiting suicide-fundamentalists in one of the mosques of Birmingham. It presents a false image of Muslims and Islam in Britain. Thus it provokes the anger of Muslims.
The two sons of Abu Hamza Al-Masri, the leader of Ansar Al-Shari´a group [Supporters of Shari´a], stand trial before a British Court over the charge of vandalizing Finsbury Park Mosque and assaulting two police officers.
The Islamic Research and Studies Center, the mouthpiece of the Al-Qa´ida network, issued a CD containing a book titled “The Reality about the New Crusade.” Some Islamists say the book is a “legal justification” or a “passport” for the operations Bin Laden and his group executed or will execute...
According to a request made by the European Commission, the Belgian Finance minister ordered the freezing of the accounts of the director of the Global Relief Foundation and his wife. The suspicions that the organization is involved with Al-Qa´ida Network is the probable reason for freezing...
The British Charity Committee accuses Abu-Hamza Al-Misri, leader of the Ansar Al-Shari’a [advocates of the Islamic law] group, of turning the mosque where he preaches into a center for extremists. Al-Misri says he will resist plans aiming to dismiss him from being the imam of the mosque.
The article is a defense of fundamentalist Usama Roshdy against a campaign in The Netherlands aiming to deport him to Egypt with the help of the Egyptian authorities.
The British government has chosen Tāriq Ramadān, Muslim intellectual and grandson of the Muslim Brotherhood’s founder, to work as an anti-fundamentalist-extremism advisor.
A senior Muslim cleric in London issued a fatwa saying that suicide operations are halāl [religiously permissible], according to Islamic sharīca. He even said that they are a religious obligation. However, following the bombings on the London Underground that killed scores of people and has led to...


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