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Scotland Yard raided the mosque where Egyptian fundamentalist Abū Hamza al-Masri preaches, after receiving information from the French intelligence service about it. British officials stressed that such measures are not against Islām. al-Masri led the Friday prayers in the street for two...
The bishop of Cordoba turns down Spain’s Muslim community’s request to share prayers with Catholics in a cathedral that was once a mosque.
Prof. Andreas van Agt explained great changes in the cultural climate of north-western Europe in the pasty decades, becoming more hostile to religion and certainly not only Islām. Muslims needs to understand those changes in order to be able to respond better to European critique on Islām and the...
The author talks about Islam in Europe, and highlights the necessary steps that are needed to ensure a peaceful coexistence of cultures.
Egyptian security bodies have released, in complete secrecy, the foreign members of the students’ organization who were arrested with their Egyptian colleagues on charges of embracing Jihād ideology, attempting to overthrow the regime and reviving the Islamic Caliphate.
Dr. Maḥmūd Ḥamdī Zaqzūq, the Egyptian minister of endowments, has issued a decision that bans the ministry’s religious counselors from wearing the Niqāb. Stating that the Niqāb is "a matter of custom and not faith," the minister argued that the appointment of Niqāb-wearing women as...
The future of of Islam’s existence in Europe.
Australian Muftī Shaykh Tāj al-Dīn al-Hilālī’s comments to an Egyptian program, in which he said that Muslims are more Australian than the Anglo-Saxons, triggered the outrage of several politicians in Australia.
Talking about censorship and freedom of thought, the writer argues that Islām is the religion of freedom as it calls for it before secular communities. It is manifested as the Muslims in the past did not know any inspection courts of nowadays.
The author of the article blames Muslims for failing to establish a fruitful dialogue with the West.
Denmark, which provoked an outcry in Egypt due to the offensive cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, permitted the appearance of a veiled Muslim presenter on its television contrary to Egypt which considers veiled presenters a diabolical thing.
Bishop of Rochester Michael Nazīr ‘Alī’s statements have added fuel to the heated controversy over the Niqāb in England.
Muhammad al-Shāf‘ī writes about the growing fundamentalist influence in British universities.
The article discusses a performance by the Mozart Opera which was stringently controlled by German police.
A Swiss Muslim agent of the Swiss Intelligence Agency [FAS] has unveiled a plan to entrap the prominent Islamic thinker Hānī Ramdān and the Islamic center in Geneva in a scandal of links with terrorism.
A discussion about a conference on human rights, the innovation of religious speeches, the relationship between religion and the state, the economic progress of non-Arab Muslim countries in Asia, and problems of applying Islamic laws with regard to marriage, divorce, and inheritance in non-Muslim...
The author discusses the incident of six imams being removed from U.S. Airways flight 300. Was it a case of misjudgment, or were the six men actually planning an attack?
‘Āil Darwīsh writes about the dangerous friendship between Muslims in Britain and the British Left; a friendship that can cause further tensions.  
‘Abdul Mu‘tī ‘Umrān meets Shaykh Tāj al-Dīn al-Hilālī, the Muftī of Australia, in Cairo to talk about the fierce campaign that al-Hilālī has recently faced in Australia.
Asharq al-Awsat reports that the statements of Hirsi Ali against Islām were seen by members of Muslim communities as a trick, deployed in order to gain asylum. Dutch journalist Eildert Mulder, who interviewed Ali, does not believe that this allegation is true


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