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Denmark, which provoked an outcry in Egypt due to the offensive cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, permitted the appearance of a veiled Muslim presenter on its television contrary to Egypt which considers veiled presenters a diabolical thing.
Bishop of Rochester Michael Nazīr ‘Alī’s statements have added fuel to the heated controversy over the Niqāb in England.
Muhammad al-Shāf‘ī writes about the growing fundamentalist influence in British universities.
The article discusses a performance by the Mozart Opera which was stringently controlled by German police.
A Swiss Muslim agent of the Swiss Intelligence Agency [FAS] has unveiled a plan to entrap the prominent Islamic thinker Hānī Ramdān and the Islamic center in Geneva in a scandal of links with terrorism.
A discussion about a conference on human rights, the innovation of religious speeches, the relationship between religion and the state, the economic progress of non-Arab Muslim countries in Asia, and problems of applying Islamic laws with regard to marriage, divorce, and inheritance in non-Muslim...
The author discusses the incident of six imams being removed from U.S. Airways flight 300. Was it a case of misjudgment, or were the six men actually planning an attack?
‘Āil Darwīsh writes about the dangerous friendship between Muslims in Britain and the British Left; a friendship that can cause further tensions.  
‘Abdul Mu‘tī ‘Umrān meets Shaykh Tāj al-Dīn al-Hilālī, the Muftī of Australia, in Cairo to talk about the fierce campaign that al-Hilālī has recently faced in Australia.
Asharq al-Awsat reports that the statements of Hirsi Ali against Islām were seen by members of Muslim communities as a trick, deployed in order to gain asylum. Dutch journalist Eildert Mulder, who interviewed Ali, does not believe that this allegation is true


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