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A recent survey conducted in the United Kingdom showed that the majority of Britons would support a ban on the Niqāb in airports and border crossings and a third of Britons would support the ban in all public places.
Ahmad Diyāb writes about a recent report issued by the American Council for Foreign Affairs about the conditions of Muslims living in Europe.
A closer view of the conditions of Muslims living in the West and the relations between the Islamic World and Europe.
Usāmah ‘Abd al-Mutalib discusses the report written by Timothy M. Savage about the conditions of Muslims in Europe.
Hadīr Sabrī writes about eminent Islamic figures in South Africa.
Ahmad Sabrī Amīn shows the lives of the Muslims living in Denmark and their reactions towards the Danish cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad.
Dr. Hasan ‘Abd Rabuh al -Misrī discusses the lifestyle of Muslims living in the U.K.
New designs of Islamic identity in the western world.
A cultural festival in Denmark shows Islamic culture and traditions.
Muslim communities need to exert more effort to express their identity and opinion in Western societies.


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