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In this article, the author discusses French President Emmanuel Macron’s recent statements about Islam in relation to France’s treatment of its Muslim and immigrant population.  He writes the following:
Students at the University of North Carolina are required to read Michael Seller?s "Approaching the Qur?an: The Early Revelations," for their summer reading program. Some conservative Christian organizations brought an action against the university in an attempt to prevent teaching the book....
The suspicious activity and behavior of Abū Laban and his extremists’ counterparts in Europe have played a role in issuing strict laws that limit the immigration of Arabs to Denmark, and in the spread of the fear of Islamic phenomenon.
Ahmad Diyāb writes about a recent report issued by the American Council for Foreign Affairs about the conditions of Muslims living in Europe.
Ahmad Sabrī Amīn shows the lives of the Muslims living in Denmark and their reactions towards the Danish cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad.
A member of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs blames Western education and Muslims for the hostility between Islām and the West.
British historian William Dalrymple denounces the policies of London and Washington, and warns of the danger of the Western discrimination against Muslims and Islām.
The Muftī of Egypt is in London to modify the negative image of Islām in the West.
A school textbook about Islam is taught in Spanish schools as part of a project for discovering Islam in Europe.
Western governments are initiating local institutions for training and qualifying imāms in a way that meets the Western contexts in which they live and preach.


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