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The various members of Turkey’s political scene are still fiercely debating the issue of the ban on headscarves in public institutions. Recently the high court ruled that the constitutional amendment that was passed in February allowing women to wear the headscarves in universities is null. The...
An article from al-Hayah reports on the thousands of Armenians who are commemorating the 93rd anniversary of the massacres perpetrated by the Ottoman Empire against the Armenians in 1915.
The article considers to what extent political Islam movements have influenced religious intolerance.
Muslim minorities could be a huge political force on decision making in the West but only if they were organized. This means that these minorities should cooperate with each other through a common Islamic framework that would bring them together. But they would need Islamic governments and...
Dr. Ahmad Al-Raysouni, scholar on the fundamentals of Islamic fiqh, researched the concept of majority rule in Islam and what the Shari’a says about this issue. He says in the introduction to his research that there is no straightforward statement [in the Qur’an] that tells Muslims to follow the...
Muslim scholars have gone on a rampage directly after the news of Amīna Wadoud delivering the Friday sermon and leading male and female worshippers in prayer.
Muslims in Europe in general and in London more specifically are facing grave difficulties following the London bombings, which might affect their survival there after decades of adaptation.
Zambia will hand over Hāroun Rashīd Aswad - suspected to be the mastermind of the terrorist bombings in London on July 7 - to Britain according to a source in the Zambian intelligence service.
The referendum for the constitution of EU countries raises the question concerning the situation of European Muslims with regards to the constitution and the Union.
The author discusses the situation of Muslims in Turkey, and the increasing levels of restrictions being imposed upon them.


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