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In an interview with the daily al-Sharq al-Awsat, ‘Abd al-Sabūr Shāhīn stressed the importance of showing the real forgiving face of Islām by denouncing fundamentalism and artificial exterior piety. He also expressed that the simple veil was enough for the Muslim woman, clarifying that the Niqāb...
The British government is anxious because of the increasing influence of fundamentalists in British universities. The Ministry of Higher Education took some procedures in this response.
Europe’s rejection to Turkey’s entry into the European Union because of its Islamic values.
Wide controversy surrounds the Dutch government’s decision which approves a parliamentary proposal to ban wearing the Niqāb in public places.
Police authorities finally arranged a meeting between prisoner Abū ‘Umar and his family after detaining him in an unknown location for three years. Abū ‘Umar had been arrested by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and its Italian counterpart, in Milan in 2003 over his alleged relations with...
British historian William Dalrymple denounces the policies of London and Washington, and warns of the danger of the Western discrimination against Muslims and Islām.
The last few years witnessed fundamentalist Muslim attacks against many countries in the West. This led the West to adopt severe strategies against Muslims coming to Western countries, or even against those who were already there. This article suggests some procedures that might be taken to...
The article sheds light on a report issued by the Immigration Bureau in Vienna on the Islamophobia phenomenon.
The article reports on public opinion and official stand points on the European constitution and Turkey’s membership in the EU
A new law to ban wearing the Niqāb in public places is presented in Dutch parliament.


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