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The article reports on public opinion and official stand points on the European constitution and Turkey’s membership in the EU
A new law to ban wearing the Niqāb in public places is presented in Dutch parliament.
Al-Ḥayāh (Al-Ḥayāt) reports that Namik Tan, a spokesman for the Turkish Foreign Ministry, welcomed the report from the European Commission on Turkey’s accession to the European Union, describing it as "balanced and impartial," and indicating that it included some points which his government will...
Jihād Hamad, a 19-year-old Lebanese student and one of the alleged suspects who carried out failed terror attacks on two trains in the German cities of Dortmund and Koblenz in July, linked the attacks to the offensive cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, which were republished by the German press...
On the sidelines of a conference held by the Royal United Services Institute, British Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett urged moderate British Muslims to play an active role in combating terrorism and to act as ambassadors for Britain in countries with large Muslim populations, particularly...
Amjad al-Fārūqī, 39, a British Muslim policeman of Asian origin, was recently removed from his position in the elite Diplomatic Protection Group (D.P.G.) of the Metropolitan Police that guards dignitaries, on the grounds that he represents "security risks."
Some European countries and the Russian Federation have taken legal steps against terrorists who allegedly planned to launch violent attacks.
The author discusses immigration problems in Europe, especially coordinating different countries’ immigration politcies.
Ahmīdah al-Nufayr criticizes the hostile and aggressive stance adopted by some European figures against Islām and Muslims, describing the security measures in the new French law on immigration as unnecessary and unjustified.
This report is about the debate in Britain about the proposed new biological I.D. cards. The project includes issuing I.D. cards for foreigners in the U.K.


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