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Some European countries and the Russian Federation have taken legal steps against terrorists who allegedly planned to launch violent attacks.
The author discusses immigration problems in Europe, especially coordinating different countries’ immigration politcies.
Ahmīdah al-Nufayr criticizes the hostile and aggressive stance adopted by some European figures against Islām and Muslims, describing the security measures in the new French law on immigration as unnecessary and unjustified.
This report is about the debate in Britain about the proposed new biological I.D. cards. The project includes issuing I.D. cards for foreigners in the U.K.
The Muftī of Egypt is in London to modify the negative image of Islām in the West.
The author speaks about the publishing of the first Islamic newspaper in German, its importance and aims.
The German politicians and the interior minister are opposed to the Muslim woman’s veil, and support the parliamentary representatives who criticized it.
The Muslim Community and the Muslim Lebanese Union replaced Shaykh al-Hilālī, an Egyptian, with Shaykh Sāfī, Lebanese, to undertake the responsibilities of mūftī. As a result, demonstrations were held to protest the decision.
This article says the Australian Muftī was wrong to compare unveiled women to uncovered meat, and that only perverts regard women as sexual objects.
New security measures have led to chaos in some European airports and cost air transport companies more expenditure.


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