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Two Egyptians were involved in a terrorism case in Italy, related to the 2004 Madrid bombings.
Twenty nine Arab citizens are involved in the most important trial in the Spanish history
Five Moroccan men and a woman are being tried in Amsterdam on terrorism-related charges.
Arguments about the Ḥijāb and the Niqāb have not ceased, neither in the Islamic world nor in the West.
The author clarifies some Islamic concepts that are misunderstood by the West, their reasons, and the ways to face them.
“Apparently all Muslims are not terrorists; however, the truth is that the majority of terrorists are Muslims. We should confess as Muslims that terrorism has become an exclusive Islamic project for Muslim men and women,” ‘Abd al-Rahman al-Rāshid says in al-Sharq al-Awsat. In his fourth and final...
The author writes about various German reports about the kidnapping of an Egyptian by American special forces and claims that he was tortured.
The author uses two images, that of the ostrich and the owl, to explore possible immigration scenarios in Europe. She argues that only “a vision steeped in individual rights, the rule of law and the equality of men and women can help guide Europe out of [its current immigration quagmire].”
The President of an American Islamic association denounces a recent al-Qā‘īdah statement saying that Islamic terrorist actions are an insult to Muslims and Islām.
Declarations from the chairman of the European Commission about Islām and Muslims’ way of dressing.


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