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In an interview with the authors, the dean of the Academy of Sharī‘ah in the U.S. talked about the status of Muslims in the West especially after the events of September 11.
The speech of Australia’s Muftī, Shaykh Tāj al-Dīn al- Hilālī, during the holy month of Ramaḍān in which he described women who do not wear the veil as ’uncovered meat’ that attracts sexual predators caused heated controversy around Australia yesterday.
The author records the relations between Arab Muslims and the West, noting that many Westerners believe that all Muslims are terrorists and that Islām is a religion of violence and terror.
Leader of the Catholic Church in Scotland seeks apology from Muslims for the September 11 attacks and London bombings in return for the pope’s apology for his offence to Islam.
British official document issued by the Department for Education urging university lecturers and staff to report on Muslim students.
A school textbook about Islam is taught in Spanish schools as part of a project for discovering Islam in Europe.
The niqāb is stirring controversy in different parts of the World. An Egyptian university professor is to be sued for criticizing it; the Egyptian muftī advises that women don’t wear it and students wearing it will be barred from accessing a university hostel. In Western countries it is regarded as...
The author discusses what he describes as an anti-Islam campaign in the West, for which, he says, Muslims are partly to be blamed. He noted that Muslims and Arabs have changed their perceptions about Europe after successive clashes and attacks on its teaching in several European countries.
The author articulates some basic rules of interfaith dialogue, which he asserts should be followed by all parties.
The French Parliament adopted a law, imposing jail sanctions against anyone who denies the Turkish holocaust committed against Armenians during the First World War. The law aroused wide arguments in France, Turkey and the European Union in general.


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