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Hadīr Sabrī writes about eminent Islamic figures in South Africa.
Ahmad Sabrī Amīn shows the lives of the Muslims living in Denmark and their reactions towards the Danish cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad.
Dr. Hasan ‘Abd Rabuh al -Misrī discusses the lifestyle of Muslims living in the U.K.
New designs of Islamic identity in the western world.
Muslim people and intellectuals refuse to accuse Islam of being an authoritarian religion.
A cultural festival in Denmark shows Islamic culture and traditions.
The former Egyptian ambassador to Denmark refuses to blame the Danish government for its stance regarding the humiliating cartoons crisis.
Muslim communities need to exert more effort to express their identity and opinion in Western societies.
Muslims represent the third biggest religious group in Mexico.
A member of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs blames Western education and Muslims for the hostility between Islām and the West.


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