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After several recent reforms, Saudi Arabia has embarked on the path of liberating the Saudi society according to its ‘Saudi Vision 2030’. It seems as if there is a revolution on the skyline with regards to Saudi women’s exposure to the wider world, and the eradication of their so-called ‘societal...
According to an eyewitness, a car bombing took place on Monday near a church in Sri Lanka as the bomb disposal squad was trying to deactivate a bomb.   
A fire broke out at Al-Marwanī Prayer Hall on Monday evening in the Eastern side of al-Aqṣā Mosque.
In the context of our round of introduction, which was shortly interrupted by tea and coffee, a discussion about the roots of Christian spirituality in Egypt, the church’s crisis in Europe especially among young people and Islam emerged.
A seminar titled "Draft Law on Public Fatwā: A New Regulatory Mechanism of Iftāʾ in Egypt?" organized by the Law and Society Research Unit (LSRU) at the university will be held at the American University at Tahrir Square.
Under the auspices of the Minister of Endowments Dr. Muḥammad Mukhtār Jumʿa, the pilot broadcast of the unified "call to prayers" of 100 mosques in Cairo is to be launched on Monday after completing the technical and administrative procedures.
Counselor Muhammad ‘Abd al-Salām, the advisor of Al-Azhar Shaykh and the rapporteur of the Basic Principles subcommittee in the Constituent Assembly, stated that new constitution stresses that Al-Azhar is a reference to all matters pertaining to Islamic affairs. He assured that it is based on the...
The article points out that there is a critic addressed to the Grand Imam by Rev. Rifʿat Fikrī Saʿīd summarized here in the three following points:
The proposal about a unified ādhān or call to prayer in Egypt has passed many phases of studying and stumbling for almost ten years until it finally fell into the hands of Dr. Muḥammad Mukhtār Jumʿah, Egypt’s Minister of Religious Endowments who announced that the project would be launched by the...


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