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The author criticized sarcastically the sudden discovery of the blasphemous aspect of Coca Cola, after 100 years of its production. In the writer’s opinion, the oppression which many Muslims suffer in some Islamic countries, leads them to accept nonsense and rumors and even to use modern technology...
Three days after its publication, the article of Ibrahim Sa’ada was discussed in the parliament. A comment on the discussion was published on the first page of Al-Akhbar.
Ministers exchanged accusations in the session of the People’s Assembly yesterday, because of Ibrahim Sa’ada’s article on the Azhar incidents, "government is watching." Omar Hashim said that Sa’ada insulted the whole nation by insulting the parliamentary members.
The demonstration of the Azhar students revealed a lack of self confidence, not a strong faith. Islam needs not to be rescued in a country like Egypt.
Sheikh Abloush, the former secretary-general of the Azhar Front of Scholars, has been accused of founding a secret party of Muslim Brothers inciting religious strife and defaming the Azhar. Other Azhari’s want him to be removed from this prestigious university.


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