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The weekly sermon by the grand imām of the Azhar, which focused on the interpretation of Chapter 18, al-Kahf [The Cave] of the Holy Qur’ān, dealt with the need for dā‘iyas [Islamic preachers] to be equipped with knowledge and evidence about Islam and its morals.
Correcting the image of Islam in the West can be achieved when Muslims first admit that they actually failed in transmitting the right concept of Islam and then map out a plan for this goal.
The author wonders in this article whether increasing the number of dā‘iyas are enough to convince the West of the soundness of the Muslim faith.
The book "The New Crusader War" mentioned a fatwa to the effect that if the murderer of the innocent people in America is a Muslim, he has to pay half the diyya [compensation money] to the families of murdered Muslims and nothing more. Usama Bin Laden expressed the same opinion when he was asked...
Subtitles: *Why they are considered martyrs and how will they be resurrected? *Compensation for death, when is it acceptable under Islam? Deaths due to accidents involving airplanes and ships provoke more than one question for Islamic legislation. How, why and when are victims considered to be...
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