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The author writes on the bloody conflict in Iraq between Sunnis and Shi’ites and shows the attempts of Islamic religious leaders to build communication between followers of different Islamic madhahib.
Dr. Rif‘at al-Sa‘īd reviews a study by Dr. ‘Abd Allāh Shalabī, professor at ‘Ayn Shams University, Faculty of Education, Philosophy and Sociology department that tackled the issue of religiosity and the relationship between religion and state.
This writer, with a non-Western background, writes in strong support of Western values, especially freedom of expression in light of the Danish cartoon crisis, and condemns multiple aspects of the Islamic society as being inferior.
Last Monday, the activities of the conference “Islam and the West in a Changing World” were concluded in Sudan. The conference aimed at presenting an Islamic view of the relationship with the West under the slogan “Interaction without melting and distinction without introversion." A large number...
Helmy Salem, coordinator of the seminar of “Scientific means for renewing religious discourse”, organized by Cairo Center for Human Rights Studies on August 12 and 13 in Paris, responds to the criticism Al-Liwaa´ Al-Islami directed to the seminar and the statement it released.
The article covers the word of President Mubarak at the opening session of the international conference for inter-religious dialogue that started its activities on September 23, in Kazakhstan. The Minister of Endowments spoke on behalf of the president. Mubarak stresses the role of religions to...
The author interviewed Dr. Mahmoud Ismail. The interview discussed the issue of renewing the religious discourse, the topic of two seminars attended by Dr. Ismail during two consecutive months: the first was during the Arab Culture Conference held in Cairo by the Supreme Culture Council. The second...
The article is a paper presented by the Tunisian intellectual Salah Eddin Al-Gorshi at a conference held in Paris, an initiative of the Cairo Center for Human Rights. The paper discusses the issue of renewing the religious discourse.
The writer comments on the actions and papers of a conference held in Paris titled “Renewing the Religious Discourse,” organized by the Cairo Center for Human Rights.
Ismā‘īl Muntasir, the author, comments on a book by the Italian writer Oriana Fallaci entitled "The Force of Reason,” which includes opinions that he believes reflect Fallaci ’s deep grudge against Islam.


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