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The author believes that the Azhar Inter-Religious Dialogue Committee has turned into a public relations office doing nothing but distributing complements and congratulations at Western churches without having a real dialogue with the Vatican.
General Muhammad Shibl comments on the criticism of Al-Liwa al-Islami of the writers of Al-Qahera. Al-Liwa al-Islami accused them of being secular writers who write against the true religion. Al-Liwa al-Islami responded to the article of Shibl by insulting him and comparing him to Salman Rushdi.
The article is an interview with the Sheikh of the Azhar. He comments on the future of the Islamic nation [umma], renewing religious discourse and the Arab Culture Conference, which is said to have called for anti-Islamic ideas.
The article discusses whether religious discourse and religious thinking in general have been affected by the attacks of September 11 and by the war in Iraq.
The 15th General Islamic Conference that was held in Cairo May 9 under the title “The Future of the Islamic Nation” was front-page news in Egyptian press for five days. Articles covering the conference report on the different speeches. The conference is believed to reflect a change in the language...
The International Council for Rapprochement Between Denominations organizes its 16th international conference for Islamic unity in Iran under the title "Globalization and the Universality of Islam."
The author advises Muslim youth on how to help their brothers in Iraq and Palestine. He believes that the war on Iraq is not the only crisis the Islamic umma [nation] is going through these days. He elaborates on the Qur´anic verse “Verily never will Allah change the condition of a people...
Prime Minister Dr. Atef Ebeid will participate in the conference of “The Future of the Islamic Nation” on behalf of President Mubarak. The conference is organized by the Ministry of Endowments and discusses the civilizational, political, social and economic future of the Islamic nation.
The author comments on the annual conference of the Arab Thought Forum that was held two months ago in Amman under the title “The Arab-Islamic culture…security and identity.” He believes that the subject of the title is formulated in a way indicating that it is an accomplished fact – which is not...
An interview with the Rector of the Azhar University on how to correct the image of Islam in the West. He believes that Muslim preachers can play a key role in that respect. That is why the Azhar University concentrates on graduating well qualified preachers.


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