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The Muftī of Egypt is in London to modify the negative image of Islām in the West.
The author of the article provides evidence from the Qur’ān supporting the idea that God is the creator of the universe.
In the following review of the first article of Dr. Ahmad ‘Umar Hāshim’s series about the status of women in Islām, Dr. Hāshim points out the different rights given to women in Islamic Sharī‘ah.
Ahmad Khālid continues his series of articles answering the pope’s controversial declarations against Islām. In his fourth article he asserts that Islām is a religion of truth that exalts God above everything. Islām, like Christianity before it, came to fulfill the world’s needs.
The author deals with the address delivered by President Husnī Mubārak on the occasion of Laylat al-Qadr, in which he urged scholars to pursue a contemporary religious discourse that will help spread the principles of tolerance.
The last two years witnessed increasing Western attacks on Islam. Muslim reactions, however, in many cases Muslims violent reactions, enforced the negative image of Islam. Nevertheless, some Muslim intellectuals called for peaceful reactions through changing the violent image of Islam by showing...
The author discusses Muslim unity. He states that the many meetings and conferences held have not brought about any effectual results. The current danger in the Islamic world is that some Muslim schools are trying to use Islam to gain Muslims’ compassion to achieve political authority.
‘Imād Tahah discusses research schools in research that tackles Arab and Muslim issues.
The noise of prayers transmitted from mosques’ loudspeakers during the holy month of Ramadān disturbed the author and made him raise many questions about the reality of Muslims today.
The author expresses his view about the media during Ramadān. He says that television must concern itself more with religious and moral programs and series that present Islamic history, rather than trivial series and shows which keep the audience away from moral and spiritual values.


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