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The article gives a brief overview of the history of Muslim-Western relations. He makes suggestions for an approach and understanding between the two cultures.
Dr. Nasr Farid confirmed that the call for the renewal of [Islamic] jurisprudence is a useless call because since is no need for that. He said that Islamic jurisprudence is flexible and can deal with all the issues of the age.
Dr. Isma`il Al-Diftar spoke in an interview about Da’awa, Islamic mission. "The enemies of Islam are trying to confuse Muslims by telling lies and trying to prove them." About arguing with believers from other religions he says: "We have to be careful and get to know our religion well. If I am...
Ramsey Clark, former US Attorney-General and lawyer for Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman, was in Cairo this week to bring attention to the case of the imprisoned cleric.
Nasr Abu Zaid didn’t feel vengeance despite the fact that Abd el-Sabour Shahin apostatized him from the pulpit of a mosque. He defends Shahin’s freedom of thought." He who asks a person to repent is the one who should repent because he places himself in the position of God and the prophet." Abu...
The use of Fatwas (religious decrees) has been exploited to the full: the murder of President Sadat generated a Fatwa, the attack on the Population Conference in 1994 resulted in another Fatwa, the lootings of gold shops was followed by a Fatwa and the list is long.
The people coming from Bangladesh are talking about the danger that Muslims are subjected to conversion to Christianity. Muslims need to offer them help.
Top on the agenda of problems that have to be solved in the Islamic world is the problem of illiteracy which reached 45% and terrorism which results in some countries in a wrong understanding of Islam.
President Hosni Mobarak delivered a speech in the opening of The Tenth Conference of the Higher Council for Islamic Affairs including the situation regarding the peace process, and the Islamic nation’s obligation towards the holy sites in Jerusalem and the Muslim minorities throughout the world.


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