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Subtitle: The permanent committee for research gives a fatwa (religious decision)!Religious leaders in Saudi Arabia oppose plans to stimulate the unity between Islam, Judaism and Christianity, by building a mosque, church and synagogue in public places and printing the Qur’an, Old and New Testament...
Egypt’s endowments minister, Dr. Mahmūd Hamdī Zaqzūq, discussed the respect Islam has for the other at the World Religious Leaders Conference held in Kazakhstan.
Ahmad Khālid sees that the reason behind backwardness in the Arab world, particularly in Egypt, is the rigidity and deficiency of religious discourse. He argues that Egypt nowadays suffers from the absence of authentic clergy.
Muhammad ‘Imarah compares the difference between the Islamic model of Arabic culture and the secular model of Western culture.
In contrast to the materialism of the modern Western society, Islam gives highest priority to human beings.
The author suggests ways that the present weakness of the Islamic nation can be addressed.
The author discusses how Islam can affect Arab culture and its formation according to God’s laws and regulations.
Dr. Muhammad ‘Imarah explains the difference between Islamic and Western cultural models.
Mursī ‘Attallah defends Islam as a religion of peace, not terrorism and racism.
Tal‘at Radwān summarizes the recent debate on reforming religious discourse organized by the Cairo Centre for Human Rights.


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