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The article highlights the importance of the judiciary in Islam and how this is reflected in Islamic legislation.
The author tackles the reasons behind the deteriorating conditions of Muslims worldwide, asserting that the main reason is their failure to follow up modern science and civilization.
A conference commemorating the first anniversary of the July 7 London bombings is to be held on June 25 in Birmingham, under the auspices of a number of Islamic organizations, including al-Ghurabā’ [The strangers] Movement.
A famous scriptwriter criticizes Islamic fanaticism and “repentant actresses” resuming their artistic careers.
Muhammad Rabī‘a discusses the growing phenomenon of ‘militias’ of men and women accusing people of unbelief and criticizing their dress on the public transport system.
The author tackles the recent myths and juggleries in Islamic discourse which deform the Islamic image before the world, urging the Azhar to deal with this serious problem.
The European Union is now developing a new strategy to review the language it uses to describe terrorists who claim to act in the name of Islam.
The author says that Islam is nothing but faith and sharī‘a [Islamic law], and therefore criticizes those preachers who preach about ‘unseen things’, which is, frankly speaking, not proved by prophetic traditions and stories.
This interview with Dr. Nawāl al-Sa‘dāwī deals with the latest fuss when she and her daughter, Muna Hilmī, appeared on a television program to call for giving children to the names of their mothers, not just their fathers.
Correcting the image of Islam in the West can be achieved when Muslims first admit that they actually failed in transmitting the right concept of Islam and then map out a plan for this goal.


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