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The article discusses Pope Shenouda’s views on a number of key issues discussed in the Coptic community. It discusses the Coptic Church stance on divorce and the key events in 2008.
The author discusses marriages between Muslims and Christians, drawing on the opinions of sociologists and psychologists as to why people are falling in love across religious lines and why this seems to be such a problem in Egyptian society.
In this article the author reviews the book, ‘Monks Garden for the Popes of the Coptic Church,’ and its effect on monastic life.
The three-page article deals with a conference on the problems faced by Egyptian youths, such as unemployment, poor economic conditions, low income and their involvement in unacceptable conduct, like ‘Urfī marriages, drugs, cyber-chatting or pornography.
The author, a member of the Azhar’s Islamic Research Academy, affirms that Islam does not accept the ‘Urfī marriage because it is not registered and consequently would cause the rights of either party of the ‘Urfī couple to be lost, since the courts of law acknowledge only marriage contracts...
Al- Zindanī’s fatwa on ’friend marriage’ has caused a wide controversy in religious circles as well as public opinion.
Opinions of Islamic scholars on the issue of misyār marriage, in which the husband has no financial responsibilities for his wife.
Zaynab ‘Abd al-Ilāh, author of the article, sheds light upon how the two newly-innovated types of marriages, friend and Misyār marriage, have met with controversial views from Islamic clerics.
A fatwa allows couples to get married and waives the husband’s responsibility to shoulder household expenses.
Despite being accepted in the Islamic sharī‘a, the misyār marriage, in which the husband and wife do not live together, has always been a subject of heated controversy among Muslim scholars.


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