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The writers report on the viewpoint of religious scholars concerning the fatwa of the Grand Imam, which permits loyalty to non-Muslims on the condition that they show real friendship and cooperation to Muslims.
They did injustice to Islam when they accused it of preaching violence. Islam is the victim of extremists who kill, destroy and find it easy to issue death sentences. It is strange that Muslim scholars are the people who commit these offenses and hurt the faith they represent. A sheikh issued a...
The Brotherhood group criticized the Sheikh of the Azhar and declared its refusal of his fatwa concerning the permissibility of bank interest.
The fatwas of the Grand Imām of the Azhar, Shaykh Muhammad Sayyid Tantāwī, have always created controversy. In an interview with al-‘Arabī, Dr. Tantāwī hints that he has not read all the presidential candidates’ electoral programs - yet declares the Azhar’s full support of President Mubārak.
In March 1996, the courts rejected a case filed against the appointment of Muhammad Sayyid Tantāwī as Grand Imām and President of the Islamic Research Academy . This raised the question: what do people want from the Grand Imām and why are there such struggles over this role?
The grand imām of the Azhar, Shaykh Muhammad Sayyid Tantawī has stated that Islam is against terrorism, aggression, tyranny, destruction and the killing of innocents whether they are Muslims or of other religions.
The fatwa issued by the Muftī concerning the assassination of Ihāb al-Sharīf, the Egyptian envoy in Iraq, has triggered questions about the political role of the jurist institution in Egypt and the Islamic world, as well as the limits and rights of jurists.
Journalist Sekina Fouad has written in Al-Ahram on November 25, 2004 that “Thank God that the Grand Imam of the Azhar has said catching locusts with the aim of eating them is not a must but rather an optional because I did not want to miss a duty after the fatwa committee called for catching and...
Thank God that the Grand Imam of the Azhar has said catching locusts with the aim of eating them is not a must but rather an option because I did not want to miss a duty. I hope I did not miss any of his fatwas, in case there was any, concerning highly serious issues related to nutritional security...
The Grand Imam called for the boycott on American and Israeli goods not to be extended to goods produced by foreign companies in Egypt. He pointed out that these companies employ a large number of Egyptians and generate income for the Egyptian treasury through taxes.


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