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Amin Hammad, a member of the People’s Assembly, asked Prime Minister Dr. Atef Abeed and Counselor Farouq Seef Al- Nasr, Minister of Justice, to seek a constitutional, juristic resolution concerning the fatwa of the Grand Sheikh of the Azhar. Amin Hammad explained that this fatwa means that bank...
Sheikh Tantawi responded to Salah Montaser’s article in Al-Ahram. He says he never said that the person who takes a loan to buy a flat or a new car accepts usury and is considered an apostate.
Is it true that if a young man obtained a loan from a bank to buy a flat and he paid off the loan and its profits, he would be considered an apostate? This is a fatwa [Islamic ruling] attributed to the Grand Sheik of the Azhar Dr. Mohammed Sayyed Tantawi. It was published in the newspaper "Al-Alam...
Rose el-Yousef published the text of an advertisement in the Washington Times of May 25 claiming Christian girls in Egypt are kidnapped, raped and forced to convert to Islam. They conclude the translation with one paragraph saying the claims are not true.
Suicide in the defense of Islam is considered martyrdom. But martyrdom should not be mixed with terrorism.
Mohammed Sayed Tantawi, Sheikh of the Azhar University, discusses several religious issues with the students from the University of Alexandria in a meeting with them during their summer camp.


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