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The author responds to allegations that the Azhar promotes sectarian conflict and tension and even spreads “bomb- fatwas”.
The article deals with Bahā’ism in Egypt and the attempts by the followers of this faith to obtain official recognition, particularly in light of a recent court ruling holding that the Ministry of Interior ministry should grant them identity cards in which their religion is registered.
Interview with the head of the Azhar Fatwa Committee concerning the work of the committee and some of the controversial fatwas he issued. He also gives his opinion on modern Islamic preachers
Nothing competes with the fatwa-issuing business in Egypt. Television, newspapers and the internet are stuffed with fame-craving shaykhs wrestling with differences in opinion about religious issues.
The fatwa issued by the Muftī concerning the assassination of Ihāb al-Sharīf, the Egyptian envoy in Iraq, has triggered questions about the political role of the jurist institution in Egypt and the Islamic world, as well as the limits and rights of jurists.
He supports the freedom of religion as an assertion to Allāh’s instructions: a man needs not register his conviction, adding that this principle represented the spirit of Islam.
The author of the article cites a few examples of the fatwas that have resulted in controversy amongst Muslims.
The author argues that the American embassy in Cairo has been interfering in Egypt’s internal affairs for years, and a few days ago, denied the head of the Fatwa Committee at the Azhar access to the United States.
Comments on the fatwa of the head of the Azhar Fatwa Committee saying that any person who holds American citizenship, or citizenship of any country that fights any Muslim people, is an apostate
A controversial fatwa, or religious edict, issued by Sheikh Al Azhar proclaiming that it is against Islamic religious precepts to borrow money for the purpose of conspicuous consumption could derail an upcoming mortgage law and further stall the economy.


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