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Reasons are given why some women wear the headscarf and sometimes even cover their face with the nigab and why others don’t do this.
Declaring oneself a prophet is not allowed in a Muslim country. Ali Said Mohammed was detained. Muhammad was the second "false prophet" arrested in Egypt in less than one year. In April 1998, Egyptian authorities detained Bahaa Eddin Ahmed and 29 suspected members his cult.
As part of the continuous effort at the popular level in Egypt to support a Muslim-Christian dialogue, a symposium was held by a religious society last week.
The participants in a symposium titled ’The Future of the Islamic-Christian Dialogue’, organized by the Religious Brotherhood Group, called for resisting the influx of immorality and atheism coming from the West.
Many people keep the Qur’an just as a good luck charm which is not approved off by most Islamic scholars.
The author is upset about discrimination of a Cairo-University lecturer in dentistry and calls what happened "absurdities". The article explains the background behind the commotion about someone becoming a lecturer. Some people who oppose her say she is Bahai while the person herself says she is...


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