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The Islamic thinker Jamāl al-Bannā has issued a number of controversial fatwás recently. In this article Muslim scholars criticize al-Bannā and question his credentials.
A fatwá issued to Dr. ‘Alī Jum‘ah regarding smoking and if it annuls al-Iḥrām sparks controversy among scholars and the public alike.
The Muftī of Egypt issued a Fatwá to the effect that the contest of miss Egypt violates the religious values and the Eastern traditions. Basing on this Fatwá, the Prime Minister was warned against holding such a contest.
In the light of al-Ghad’s publication of the "offensive" supplement which attacked the Prophet Muhammad’s companions and wife, the author of the article stresses the need for a consistent application of the law which criminalizes insulting religions.
The Sheikh of the Azhar called for boycotting all foreign products that would benefit Israel and harm Arabic and Islamic countries. He said that boycotting foreign products is a duty and a kind of national support of Palestine. The Muftī declared that importing any foreign product that has an...
The author reviews the opinions of Muslim scholars about the issue of recognizing Egyptians of Bahā’ī faith in official documents like identity cards as well as questions about marriage with Bahā’īs.
A fatwa issued by the former Mufti of Egypt stipulating that currency trade is haram has caused a juridical debate between Azhar scholars. The Sheikh of the Azhar referred the fatwa to the Islamic Research Institute for examination and comment.
Khalil Abdel Kareem´s book ”Al-Nass Al-Mu´assis Wa Mujtama´u” caused great controversy in the religious circles in Egypt. Some people asked for the confiscation of the book, which is believed to celebrate the ideas of some orientalists, defame the Prophet and his companions and raise...
The Mufti issued a fatwa prohibiting television competitions. Then the Grand Imam issued another fatwa allowing the competitions. The author wonders why there is this contradiction in fatwas and why not unite the opinions of the scholars and save public opinion from having to choose between...
The article gives a list of the articles published in relation to the controversy resulting from the Mufti’s fatwa prohibiting competitions like "who is going to be a millionaire" on the basis that paying money for entering the competition is a form of gambling.


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