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Hishām Nājī Nazīr filed a lawsuit before the Administrative Court, demanding the cancellation of his conversion to Islam. He cites as reasons the fact that no medical exam or questioning of his motives took place.
The appearance of bizarre fatwás goes against the tolerant nature of Islam writes Amānī Mājid.
The Islamic thinker Jamāl al-Bannā has issued a number of controversial fatwás recently. In this article Muslim scholars criticize al-Bannā and question his credentials.
The Azhar recently released a fatwá that calls for tough penalties against people who convert to Islam and then revert back to their original religion. Opinions are divided as to what effect this fatwá could have on Egyptian society.
The following text presents a number of the most popular Islamic Dā‘iyahs in the modern time.
In his interview with the Egyptian Muftī, Ahmad Hassan tackles recent controversial issues involving the Muftī. He discusses the issuance of false Fatwás, and combats the political intrigue that aims at shaking his status as a Muslim cleric, saying that his status as a cleric is unshakable.
The article represents different opinions of many youth who have lost their confidence in men of religion because they believe that the new Fatwás issued by these men only serve politics.
A former member of the Muslim Brotherhood and controversial Islamic figure, Dr. ‘Abd al-Sabūr Shāhīn discusses various political, religious and social issues. He denies any discrimination against Copts and accuses the U.S. of inciting Copts against Muslims.
The Islamic Research Institute issued a fatwa to the effect that jihad against the US in its war on Iraq is an individual duty on all Muslims. The fatwa has received both positive and negative comments and is reported to have raised the anger of the US Embassy in Cairo.
The fatwa of Sheikh Nabawi El-Eish about the Iraqi Transitional Ruling Council did not only cause embarrassment for the Azhar but it also showed how divided the Azhar is. The Sheikh of the Azhar rejected the fatwa and said that Egyptian religious scholars are not allowed to give fatwas concerning a...


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