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Growing fundamentalism has become terrorism and has targeted intellectual and political elite. The reasons for these developments and their consequences are mentioned in the following text.
Many hadīth were falsified over time. Islam is a religion that needs a renaissance to reveal its true image.
This article concerns a recent interview with former U.N. Secretary General Dr. Butrus Ghāli. The interview gives an indication of Mr. Ghāli’s viewpoints on the hottest issues facing the international community.
This article analyses a recent article published in the International Herald Tribune and examines how terms such as Islamists, fundamentalism, and extremism are used ambiguously by the author. It notes the importance of explaining such terminology so that misunderstandings are avoided.
The author tackles the main reasons that lead to the appearance of terrorism and the role played by the state to protect citizens.
The Islamic movement is divided into two trends. The first one is jihad whose followers think that they shall fight the current conditions. The second tend is reformation, whose followers think that they can co-exist with the current conditions and reform them through peaceful means. The author...
The article is an interview with Sheikh Tag Eddin Al-Helali, the Mufti of Australia, who is known for his moderation. He comments on the conditions of the Muslim community in Australia, consequences of the September 11 attacks and the attacks in Bali and fundamentalist groups in Australia.
The article is about the leaders and members of Egyptian fundamentalist groups abroad. It gives their numbers and the countries they live in. It covers the allegations they are charged with and the possibility of their return to Egypt.
The author discusses the issue of veil [hijab] in Islam. He believes that all what is said about hijab being a religious obligation is simply interpretations that oblige only those who initiate them. He comments on the attitude of fundamentalists towards Muslim women wearing veil in Western...
A conference was held in Lebanon last week under the supervision of the Organization of Arab Islamic-Christian Dialogue affiliated with the Middle East Council of Churches. A group of Christians and Muslims from Egypt, Lebanon and Syria attended the conference. Two professors from Washington were...


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