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The article explores the opinions of graduates from the College of Fine Arts, who later became prominent figures in Egypt, on the ordeal the faculty is going through and the growing number of people believing that art is harām.
The article focuses on the resignation offered by a professor in the fine arts college over a mounting ultra-religious trend that believes that art is harām [unacceptable from a Muslim point of view].
Several students at the Faculty of Fine Art think that art in general, and sculpture in particular, is harām and accordingly they are trying to spread their ideas to influence the rest of the students.
An article about the Muslim Brotherhood’s intent to establish a state that has a religious, and not civil nature, and the attitude of the Muslim Brotherhood towards the Copts.
Fathī Mahmoud discusses the sectarian fitna in Iraq, stating that in an attempt to ensure such violence does not spread to Lebanon’s Sunni and Shi’ite communities, the Islamic authorities there have called for unity.
Dr. Youssef Al-Qaradawi met with a large number of people in a seminar held in the Ahli Club. The author discusses the fatwas he gave concerning the hijab, niqab, singing, and bank interest.
The article is an interview with the Sheikh of the Azhar. He comments on the Arab Culture Conference, secularism, martyrdom operations, the role of the Islamic Research Institute in supervising religious books and the Azhar missions to Europe and the US.
The writer gives an elaboration of the core of the true Islam and how preaching could be carried out in the right way. He supports his ideas through the Qur’an and Hadith.
A fatwa issued by the former Mufti of Egypt stipulating that currency trade is haram has caused a juridical debate between Azhar scholars. The Sheikh of the Azhar referred the fatwa to the Islamic Research Institute for examination and comment.
Interview with the head of the Azhar Fatwa Committee concerning the work of the committee and some of the controversial fatwas he issued. He also gives his opinion on modern Islamic preachers


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