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Sara Hassan goes undercover in the woman’s circle of Regent’s Park Mosque in London and discovers some shockingly extremist and Saudi ideology advocating killing homosexuals, adulterers, and apostolics, and separation from mainstream society, particularly for women. This is even more shocking...
The article reviews the ideological history of the Muslim Brotherhood and their previous tensions with the ruling regime in Egypt.
This article sheds light on the spreading social phenomenon, religiousness. It shows the great difference between false appearances and putting on the mask of religiousness, and the absent genuine religious values pointing out its negative effect on the society.
Last year the Muslim Brotherhood issued the first draft of its political platform, the author comments that the document made use of modern democracy-based vocabulary but questions whether the platform really advocates a civil state.
An article is distributed to university students dictating the means of dealing with non-Muslims.
The Egyptians Against Religious Discrimination [EARD] group held its first national conference last weekend. The conference was supposed to be held at the Journalists Syndicate but after journalists stopped participants from entering the premises it was moved to the headquarters of the Tajammu...
Fahmī Huwaydī criticized the charges directed at a group of 13 members of the Muslim Brotherhood in Sohag of planning to overthrow the regime and establish an Islamic Caliphate, wondering how such a small group of people can do that.
The author talks about the attacks on Islam represented in an American campaign organized by some fanatics and Israel’s attempts to issue a UN decree to prohibit the Islamic parties from sharing in elections.
The author interviews Jamāl al-Bannā, brother of Haṣan al-Bannā who founded the Muslim Brotherhood, on a number of issues relevant to Egyptian society today, including Muslim-Christian relations.
The article is a personal interpretation of Islam presented by al-Nogaidan. He explores his experiences with Islam, beginning with extremist ideologies that were fostered in Saudi Arabia, to his realization of Islam as a try religion of peace.


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