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The scientific inimitability of the Qur’ān harms Islam more than it benefits it.
Dr. Muhammad ‘Imarah explains the difference between Islamic and Western cultural models.
Tal‘at Radwān summarizes the recent debate on reforming religious discourse organized by the Cairo Centre for Human Rights.
The author tackles the reasons behind the deteriorating conditions of Muslims worldwide, asserting that the main reason is their failure to follow up modern science and civilization.
The author explains the term "Islamic secularism." Islam is an absolute religion like all other revealed religions and secularism is a relative philosophy like all other philosophies that are open to change and modification. The adjective "Islamic" gives secularism an Islamic dimension and not the...
The Union of Islamic Universities prepares new curricula for human and social sciences from an Islamic perspective. A committee was formed in the union for this regard.
The article shows that in order for Muslims to be the best among nations, they should practice jihad through science not through fighting. Many scientists comment on the important of science.
Three Arab intellectuals give their viewpoints concerning the issue of Islamizing knowledge and science.
Samīr Sarhān argues for the need to have an integrated perspective of religion and, at the same time, raise the banners of science and objectivity.
The author argues that the Qur’ān contains information that has been recently discovered by science.


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