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The author argues that the Qur’ān contains information that has been recently discovered by science.
Studies of brainwave patterns has demonstrated that Qur’ānic recitation affects even the hearts of non-Arabic speaking people and non-Muslims.
The Azhar has rejected a book, taught at the American University in Cairo, after it was found to contain many insults to Islam.
Dr. Zaghloul al-Najjār has again interpreted the Pakistan earthquake as a divine wrath.
An interview with Dr. Zaghlul al-Najjār on the relationship between science and the Qur’ān. Husām Tammām writes that by the end of the interview, he was convinced that the scientific miracles of the Qur’ān are lies, or at least a knowledge-related scandal.
The working of miracles is not exclusive to the modern scientific theory of the Qur’ān. It has old roots, particularly in Sufism, as there was no blessed, righteous man who did not fly through the air, walk on water or foretell the future.
The headline, containing the words ’scandal’ and ’lie’, was sensationalist and not an accurate reflection of the content of the interview.
It was not Tammām’s questions, but rather Najjār’s articles, that sparked controversy. The problem was with his unconventional opinions, not with the logical argument of al-Najjar’s opponents, who are attempting to expose what they believe to be his chicanery.
Dr. Maurice Bucaille, a French professor of surgery, was among the leading defenders of Islam in the West. He is the author of the book The Bible, the Qur’an and Science, which is well-known in the West after it has been translated into several languages.
Islam is a lofty religion that gave birth to a civilization based on thought and science. It can never be a religion that calls for violence and terrorism. Islam is a universal message, not only because it gave this world a civilization, but also because Islam coexists with other religions and...


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