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Sharīf al-Shūbāshī writes that the success of democracy depends on the success of secularism. Further, he says that secularism should not be thought of as necessarily opposing religion. He added that the most serious lesson of human history is that "the marriage of politics and religion is vicious...
Ghazūlī begins by saying that worldwide, the separation of religion from politics and church from state is currently under pressure. "Today, strong currents...in the West are mixing religion and politics and giving the church a growing role in public affairs; so are we to do the same?" the writer...
This article considers the idea of the civil state and the relationship between religion and secularization; looking at if they are compatible in a country such as Egypt. The article also outlines the relationship between religious parties like the Muslim Brotherhood and secular elites.
Khalīl continues highlighting a piece of research entitled “Education and Citizenship” which was presented at the second Conference for Egyptians Against Discrimination.
Rānyā Badawī interviews Dr. ‘Abd al-Sabūr Shāhīn on his opinion regarding religious, social, and political issues in Egypt.
The various members of Turkey’s political scene are still fiercely debating the issue of the ban on headscarves in public institutions. Recently the high court ruled that the constitutional amendment that was passed in February allowing women to wear the headscarves in universities is null. The...
A book entitled, ’Al-Hub wa-al-Jins fī-Hayāt al-Nabī’ [Love and Sex in the Prophet’s Life] has caused outrage after it was circulated at the Cairo International Book fair last month.
The issue of Muslims who are recruited into foreign armies and their participation in the wars taking place in Muslim countries is under discussion by the Azhar’s Islamic Research Academy.
In light of the recent decision by the Turkish Parliament to allow women to wear the hijāb at universities, a Turkish women discusses her family’s role in Ataturk’s nation building project and the changing attitudes in Turkey nowadays.
The article talks about the current contest between Islamists and secularists of Turkey over a recent constitutional amendment that has aimed at the removal of the ban on wearing the hijāb in universities.


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