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  The journalist ʿAlī Yāsīn was not wrong when he described the Arabs’ entry into Egypt by ʿAmr ibn al-Āṣ as an occupation when he was answering the [following] question [posed to him] on the TV show Kalām Tānī on Dream TV: “How should history be written?"
The author opposes a party or a state based on religion, and uses Iraq as an example of a country cursed by religious state and parties.
The Misdemeanors Court of Sayeda Zeinab brought down the curtains on the case of Shaykh Manal, who claims to be a prophetess, and her 15 followers. The court sentenced Manal to five years imprisonment with hard labor, which is considered to be an extreme penalty for cases of scorning religions...
Martin Accad argues that there are many misunderstandings about certain realities in the Middle East, the first of which has to do with the use of the term "terrorist." He also discusses apocalyptic forms of Islam and Christianity, and how people can help the situation.
The majority of Muslims believe in the second coming of Jesus Christ at the end of time. A number of Muslim scholars refute this belief, arguing that there is no definitive evidence in the Qur’ān for the second advent of Christ.
Sayyid ‘Atiya is well-known in his home city of Beni Suef where he claims that he can cure people of diseases and sorcery using the Qur’ān, the Bible, the Psalms and "the science of letters,” as he calls it.
Damanhour city is going through a state of agitation because of the Muslim Brotherhood and their dominance over it. The Brotherhood demolished 17 shrines of holy men in the city under the pretext that they are idols. The demolishing of some of these shrines were carried out under the supervision of...
The writer gives a brief overview of a book titled “Al-Gafar” about the truth of the expected mahdi. He believes that the establishment of Muslim self-power is more important than waiting for a person who will come at the end of the age…Judgment day.
The magazine approaches many Muslim scholars for comments on the reality of the awaited Mahdi and when he will appear, if he is a real figure.
The author believes that there is no convincing reason for stopping the TV program "Ro´a” [Revelations] which hosts Muslim scholars and psychiatrists to interpret dreams. The program is said to have prompted the imminent coming of the Awaited Mahdi.
Interviews with Christian clergymen on the end of the world and the events that precede it, the Massieh El-Daggal [false Christ] and the second advent of Jesus Christ.
A sheikh told people that the Masseikh El-Daggal [anti Christ] and the Awaited Mahdi are born. When people know that the end is coming, they tend to forget their problems and crises because they have a ready solution [the end] which will sweep away all economic, political and social crises.
Azhar scholars say that the Awaited Mahdi is just a myth. Sheikh Youssef El-Badri says the opposite. He backs his opinion with Qur´anic verses and hadiths. He forecasts that a dark man will appear one day as the Awaited Mahdi.
Interview with Sheikh Mahmoud El-Hanafi, who is said to have interpreted a woman´s dream on the TV program "Ro´a" as to mean the imminence coming of the awaited Mahdi
A TV program “Ro’a” [visions] hosts men of religion who interpret dreams for the members of the audience over the phone. It was said that one of the dreams was interpreted as an indication of the imminence of the awaited Mahdi and the Day of Judgment.
Ahmad Deedat, a South African-born Muslim preacher is the author of the famous and controversial book Crucifixion or Crucifiction? His very controversial debates with Revd. James Swaggart in the 1980s are also very well known.
A recent rumor about a girl in the Rast ān state of the Sultanate of Oman, who has turned into a monster the moment she took a copy of the Qur’ ān, which her mother was reciting it and threw it on the floor, has proven to be untrue. The girl has been admitted to the Sult ān ī hospital in Muscat.
A Punjabi called Ghulam Ahmed claimed that there is a tomb of Jesus Christ in Kashmir. Ahmed founded a religious group that offends both Islam and Christianity. He once claimed that he was the Messiah and then claimed that he was a manifestation of the Prophet. The author believes that the story of...
The author reports on Egypt’s muftī’s statements about the concept of the Mahdī in Islamic belief.
There is no obligation on Muslims to watch the advent of the mahdī according to the muftī of Egypt.


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