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Martin Accad argues that there are many misunderstandings about certain realities in the Middle East, the first of which has to do with the use of the term "terrorist." He also discusses apocalyptic forms of Islam and Christianity, and how people can help the situation.
The majority of Muslims believe in the second coming of Jesus Christ at the end of time. A number of Muslim scholars refute this belief, arguing that there is no definitive evidence in the Qur’ān for the second advent of Christ.
Interviews with Christian clergymen on the end of the world and the events that precede it, the Massieh El-Daggal [false Christ] and the second advent of Jesus Christ.
A sheikh told people that the Masseikh El-Daggal [anti Christ] and the Awaited Mahdi are born. When people know that the end is coming, they tend to forget their problems and crises because they have a ready solution [the end] which will sweep away all economic, political and social crises.
Interview with Sheikh Mahmoud El-Hanafi, who is said to have interpreted a woman´s dream on the TV program "Ro´a" as to mean the imminence coming of the awaited Mahdi
The author reports on Egypt’s muftī’s statements about the concept of the Mahdī in Islamic belief.
A man wrote a letter to the Grand Sheikh of Al-Azhar, Dr. Mohammed Sayed Tantawi, claiming that he is the Mahdi who, in Islam, comes at the end of times. The article further explains the concept of this self-acclaimed Mahdi on the end of times and the response of well-known Muslim scholars.
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