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The young talented actor Ahmad Al-Fishawi was reported to have given up acting, grown his beard and become a student of the preacher Amr Khaled or the preacher of resigned artists. Al-Fishawi said that if he had found something in Khaled´s lectures claiming that acting is haram [religiously...
When a well-known da´iya [preacher] and a repented artist meet, this means that they are doing business. There must be an agreement between them to present satellite programs or record a tape containing some preaching by the da´iya, as a way of making money.
Some of the retired actors preferred to stay in the artistic field by discussing issues related to how to produce morally decent acting and the necessity of producing Islamic artistic works. Others moved to the business field and came to be connected to some sheikhs such as Amr Khaled.
The article is arguing about the relationship between Islam and art, as many fatwas have been made about the impermissibility of art and that Muslims should not be involved in any forms of art.
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