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Shaikh `Adel Nasr, official spokesman of the al-Da`wa al-Salafiyya Group in Egypt said on the Groups' internet website that khitān (circumcision) is one of the tenets of Islam and of the Millat Ibrahīm (the ideology of Prophet Abraham in the Qur'ān).
A review of Dr. Muhammad Salīm al-‘Awā’s book about circumcision for girls.
A conference held at the Azhar University, attended by Muslim scholars and medical doctors from Africa, Asia and Europe, condemns female circumcision and denies that it is a religious practice.
The writer records some arguments over some religious texts including al Ahād hadīths, Ḥijāb and circumcision. Also she discusses the question of right hadīths and what is called scarified hadīths.
A German foundation finances a conference aimed at convincing Muslim scholars to prohibit female circumcision.
This interview with the Muftī of Egypt deals with the issue of female circumcision, which the Muslim cleric said is not a religious duty. In certain cases it could be considered to be a punishable crime because of the assault it makes on the human body.
The writer reviews in this article two books concerning circumcision as a tradition....Where did it come from? Why do people perform it? Does it really have health benefits or not?
The author comments on the issue of female genital mutilation, arguing that it has nothing to do with religion. He also explains its scientific and psychological aspects, showing that it does not fulfill its claimed objective, which is keeping the chastity of girls.
The author believes that the Azhar’s Islamic Research Academy is no longer able to play an effective role as one of Egypt’s most reputable Islamic institutions.
The long tradition of female circumcision seems to be coming to an end, as a law banning the practice has been passed. Some members of the religious establishment have, however, expressed their reservations over the need for such a law.
Two pieces of research, both by African scientists have stated that circumcision of both men and women protects from HIV.
A law to ban female circumcision is posed for discussion and the ‘Ulamā’ seem to differ in their views on the issue.
Dr. Nawal Al-Saadawi leads a campaign against male circumcision. The sixth international conference of the Association of the Solidarity of Arab Women, she presides over, showed a scientific film about the circumcision operations on male babies and warned against the dangerous consequences of such...
Scholars and gynecologists commented on Nawal Al-Sa’adawi’s opinions on circumcision. Doctors said that stopping female circumcision may lead most of them to lesbianism. Scholars explained that Imam Abu Hanifa said that circumcision for men is Sunna and it is a noble deed for women. Imam Shafai...
In Italy, Court sentenced a Muslim Egyptian emigrant to two years in jail because he circumcised his daughter in one of the Delta villages during a visit to Egypt without the knowledge of his Italian, Catholic wife. In Britain, a court passed a judgment that a Muslim father does not have the right...
A review of the book: "The Marriage Bed. Sexuality in Islam" by Abdelwahab Bouhdiba. Published in London by Saqi Books, 1998. In this book is one of the few attempts at dealing with the dimension of sexuality in the teachings of Islam and the way in which these teachings have become distorted by...
Jordan’s Mufti Saeed Abdul Hafeez Al Hijawi ruled that female circumcision was "a noble trait" accepted by Islam, even though it was not a necessity.
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