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The Egyptian actor Hishām Salīm has recently spoken out about a hardship he experienced. He described the journey of his daughter Nūrā, who transitioned to become a boy, called Nūr, 18 years after he was born female, but with a body type that seemed more masculine.
In this op-ed, the author discusses Egyptian actor Hishām Salīm’s acceptance of his now transgender son and how that acceptance relates to concepts of masculinity, femininity, and being transgender in Egyptian society. 
A warning for physicians: do not examine a female patient without the presence of her mahram [A person with whom marriage is forbidden. A relationship by marriage or close blood ties that permanently prohibits marriage between two people, and therefore they are allowed to be in privacy together...
Al Azhar University, Sunni Islam’s most prestigious institution of learning, has appealed a court decision that it must re-admit a transsexual belly-dancer to its women’s faculty.
After being booted out of Al Azhar Medical College 11 years ago due to undergoing a sex change operation, Sally Mohammed Abdallah might be returning to classes there despite the prestigious university’s condemnation of her operation.
Islamic scientists have confirmed that controlling the sex of an embryo is a scientific fallacy because only God has the power to give a person a boy or girl or make them become sterile.
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