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This review, in the context of ramifications from the culture minister’s controversial statements on the Ḥijāb, discusses various opinions on whether the Ḥijāb is a religious obligation and how such controversial discussions should be tackled by society, religious and political bodies...
The author discusses arguments about wearing jilbāb and a long beard, with Muslim scholars stating that these are not a religious duty.
The last two years witnessed increasing Western attacks on Islam. Muslim reactions, however, in many cases Muslims violent reactions, enforced the negative image of Islam. Nevertheless, some Muslim intellectuals called for peaceful reactions through changing the violent image of Islam by showing...
The author criticizes the minister of Awqāf’s attitude toward the Western attacks on Islam.
Many hadīth were falsified over time. Islam is a religion that needs a renaissance to reveal its true image.
A new Islamic satellite channel launched five months ago is said to be successful with the people, but is also criticized by scholars for promoting extremist salafist ideas.
Al-Wafd newspaper interviews Islamic preacher Khalīd al- Jindī, who rejects claims that he is one of a group of modern Islamic preachers because he wears western dress.
Salīm al-‘Awa criticizes the abilities of the Shaykh of al-Azhar in drawing up fatwás, since he is not a specialist in Islamic jurisprudence.
The author argues that the West’s advancement has nothing to do with being Christian or Muslim but is dependent on the social capabilities of people in a specific geographic region.
A few days ago, the director of the Ibn Khaldoun Center for Development Studies, Dr. Sa‘d al-Dīn Ibrāhīm, claimed that the Prophet Muhammad was given another name at birth by his mother, Āmina, and that this name will remain unknown to the world.


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