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Scholars inside the Azhar are split over a project proposed by a businessman to have a stock exchange dealing in currency, a system of economic activity that is new in Egypt and Arab and Islamic countries, amidst arguments as to whether the proposal runs counter to the sharī‘a.
Next month, Karachi, the Pakistani trade capital, will host an international conference on Islamic banking systems and financial markets.
Dr. Muhammad Shahrour, the Syrian Islamic thinker was interviewed by Rose al-Yousuf and affirmed that the religious institutions in the Arab World - like the Azhar in Egypt, [and the Shi’ite centers in] al-Najaf in Iraq, and Qom in Iran – are still conservative with tools of knowledge that did not...
Sheikh Youssef Al-Qaradawi calls people to deposit their money in Islamic banks even if they are inadequate in some aspects. He criticized the Sheikh of the Azhar for saying that loaning at fixed interest rate is halal. The article shows the inadequate aspects of Islamic banking as explained by Al-...
Majdī Khalīl criticizes Muslim extremists who he believes are leading the Arab and Muslim world to backwardness and preventing them from keeping up with modernization.
The author argues that Islamic banks exploit Muslims’ piety.
Suhīr Jouda writes of how Islamic investment companies swindled people in the name of religion.
Although the camp offered Qur’ānic, prophetic and historical citations, the Islamic banks have, in fact, offered nothing different from the ordinary ones.
Jurisprudential controversy over bank interest is back again with a fatwa of the Grand Imam of the Azhar saying interests are halal [lawful according to the Islamic shari’a] whether they are fixed in advance or not. However, bank interest is still a hot issue for many religious scholars.
General Fou’ad Allam, security expert, believes that a number of the Muslim Brotherhood leaders excluded Prof. Youssef Al-Qardawi from being the next General Guide of the Brotherhood. The reason behind this is his criticism of their terrorist activities before the 1952 revolution and his support of...


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